Products: ¡Vamos a probar un plato de cuy!


Essential Question: “Who benefits from cuy consumption and in what ways?”


Lesson Objective: To demonstrate how animals play different roles in different cultures and how cuy consumption helps individuals and communities.


Lesson Plan in PDF


Spanish II, III, IV
Grade: 9 - 12

Activity List

 I. Focus and Review
 II. Statement
 III. Teacher Input
 IV. Guided Practice 
 V. Independent Practice
 VI. Closure


I. Focus and Review










II.  Statement of Objectives








III. Teacher Input






















IV. Guided Practice









V. Independent / Small Group Practice















VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting

“How does the relationship between
humans and animals change based on the country?

Go through the PPT up until you come to
the slide, “A leer.” Discuss with students to prepare them for the theme of the lesson.



“Today we are going to talk about how
bringing back the practice of eating cuy is helping reduce hunger as well as providing jobs for many underemployed Peruvians.”




Sort articles among groups of students.
You may want a class set or enough so
that students can highlight key points.





















Teacher helps students with any questions they have about the reading.


Students write key information on the
board to share with the class.





1. Reference Slide #12 (“A trabajar”)
2. Review options with students
3. Teacher helps students pick from
the 3 choices of activities they would
like to do.
4. Students can work alone or in










Pass out Grading Rubric and have
students put the name of their
assignment + their names.

Take any volunteers to share their

Allow students to finish for homework.


Materials and Time

“Animals and Humans” PPT






10 - 15 minutes







2 minutes





Make individual or class copies
of the following 3-4 articles:

“Could I bring myself to eat a
Guinea Pig?” (BBC News)


“From Pets to Plates” (NPR)

“Peruvian Farmers, Chefs
(Yes, Chefs) Cash In On
Guinea Pig Craze” (NPR)


For Heritage Speakers /
Advanced Students:

“Padre que enseña y aprende”
(Ayuda en Acción, Perú)


10 minutes





“Animals and Humans” PPT
(See “A leer!”)

Articles listed above

20 minutes




“Animals and Humans” PPT
(See “A trabajar!!”)

Paper to outline television commercial 


Dialog Templates


Newspaper Templates


earbuds / computer / cell phone
for youtube video 
Dictionaries / online sources


30 minutes


Grading Rubric






5 - 10 minutes

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