Products: ¡Vamos a diseñar un chullo!


Essential Question: “What is the process of choosing designs and colors for a Peruvian chullo hat?”


Lesson Objective: To take a closer look at daily life and the UNESCO World Heritage


Lesson Plan in PDF


Spanish II or III
Grade: 9 - 12

Activity List

I. Focus and Review
II. Statement
III. Teacher Input
IV. Guided Practice
V. Independent Practice
VI. Closure


I. Focus and Review










II.  Statement of Objectives







III. Teacher Input










IV. Guided Practice





V. Independent / Small Group Practice







VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting

Teacher briefly shows where
Lake Titicaca is located on a
map (hard copy or virtual)
Teacher plays Spanish language
video for class.
Students pay attention to the
clothing and of the people
weaving handicrafts.



“Today we will see why Taquile
Island was recognized by
UNESCO for their textiles. We
will also look at the role these
textiles play in everyday life.”



Teacher hands out printed (or
digitally copied) versions of the
“La Isla Taquile y los chullos
Teacher flips through it






Students read in pairs, out loud
in class, or individually.
Teacher monitors and answers



Students reread and write notes
organizer provided.






Students design a chullo on the
back of the “Notes and Product”
notes organizer.
Teacher uses rubric to grade
students’ work.
Students present their chullos.
The class votes on the chullo
best representing the material
covered in this lesson.

Materials and Time

“Isla de Taquile” video


Introduction to Taquile Island and
its people (7 minute video with
subtitles in Spanish)


10 minutes







2 minutes



“La Isla Taquile y los
chullos” READING” (pdf)

Either print a class set or load it
into Google Classroom for
students to be able to access and

10 minutes



La Isla Taquile y los
chullos” READING” (pdf)

10 minutes



“Vamos a diseñar un chullo
NOTES and PRODUCT” (pdf)

Teacher makes a copy for each

15 minutes


“Vamos a diseñar un chullo

NOTES and PRODUCT” (pdf)

colored pencils, crayons,
markers, etc.



20 - 25 minutes

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