People: ¡Vamos a escribir una carta a un estudiante peruano!


Essential Question: “What is life like for a student in Peru?”


Lesson Objective: To establish a relationship with a sister class in Peru so that students can learn about each other through letters, video and video conferencing.


Lesson Plan in PDF



Spanish I, II or III
Grade: 9 - 12

Activity List

I. Focus and Review
II. Statement
III. Teacher Input
IV. Guided Practice
V. Independent Practice
VI. Closure


I. Focus and Review




















II.  Statement of Objectives






III. Teacher Input















IV. Guided Practice










V. Independent / Small Group Practice




















VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting


- Teacher has joined ePals
and chosen a project or
created a proposal or
chosen a project on the
- Teacher has found a
teacher in Peru with whom
to collaborate.
- Teacher watched tutorials
and decided on what digital
tools are best suited for the
- Students will have learned
how to write basic
sentences and know how to
formulate questions.




“I have found a teacher in Peru
who would like to collaborate in a
letter / video / live conferencing




1. Teacher distributes “Introductory Letter
PROMPTS” document to
students (either hard copy
or through Google

2. Students answer questions
in complete sentences.


Note: This can be done over a
period of days or completed in one
class period.



1. Students read each
other’s letters and
highlight any errors.
2. Students correct
mistakes highlighted by

Note: This can be done in a series
rather than all at once.



1. Students rewrite sentences,
correcting them, combining
them with conjunctions,
rearranging them to flow
better, etc.
2. Once the letter is prepared,
the teacher checks it for
inappropriate content.
3. Teacher grades the final
letter using the “ePal Letter
4. Teacher or student scans
them and uploads letters to
shared Google Folder for

NOTE: If using Google Docs,
Delete student names from the file
name and move to shared folder.



When videos or letters are
exchanged, students reads letters
in class or teachers show
previewed videos to the class.

Materials and Time

1. “Creating an
Experience in ePals”

2. Resource Overview
document for project

6. Google Docs
7. Google Folders











2 minutes





“Introductory Letter
PROMPTS” document








20 minutes X 3





Different colors of highlighter





10 minutes x 3





Google Doc or
Decorative copy paper

Scanner (phone app or on
school’s photocopier)

Google Sheet for Letter
Distribution (“SAMPLE Lista
para la distribución de cartas”)

“ePal Letter RUBRIC”







30 minutes






30 minutes

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