People: ¡Vamos a contemplar los nichos en el cementerio de la Almudena!


Essential Question: “How do the people of Cusco honor their deceased?”


Lesson Objective: To compare and contrast funerary customs in Cusco and the students’ culture.


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Spanish II or III
Grade: 9 - 12

Activity List

 I. Focus and Review
 II. Statement
 III. Teacher Input
 IV. Guided Practice
 V. Independent Practice
 VI. Closure


I. Focus and Review











II.  Statement of Objectives














III. Teacher Input












IV. Guided Practice












V. Independent / Small Group Practice






















VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting

“You have heard of Day of the
Dead in Mexico. [Play video]


In Peru there is a similar
custom. The dead are
remembered for their lives and
legacy than the sad day when
they passed away.”




“Today we will visit a famous
cemetery in Cusco, Peru and
observe a unique way that
Cusqueños remember their dead
loved ones.

First, however, let’s visit some
cemeteries near and far to see
how the dead are honored
through the ways they have been




“Let’s first look at how the dead
are honored in el Cementerio de
la Almudena. Then we will read
more about this famous
cemetery in Cusco.”

Let students read the slides out
loud and discuss what they see.





Teacher will show students
samples of niches and tombs of
famous people in Peru.

Use this time to prepare students
for their project.







Teacher presents the project /


(See slides 24 - 26, “A ti te toca”)

Teacher hands out materials to
students and helps them start
their research.


NOTE: Now is a good time to
discuss which sources on the
internet are reliable and which
are not. For example, explain to
students that Wikipedia is not a
reliable enough source for









Allow students to continue
working on their rough drafts.

Require approval of rough
drafts before beginning work
on their diorama or drawing.

Allow time in class for
students to present their
projects once they have
completed them.

Materials and Time

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