People: ¡Vamos a quedarnos con una familia andina!


Essential Question: “What could I expect if I stayed with an Andean family?”


Lesson Objective: To take a closer look at daily life in Andean Peru.


Lesson Plan in PDF


Spanish II or III
Grade: 9 - 12

Activity List

I. Focus and Review
II. Statement
III. Teacher Input
IV. Guided Practice
V. Independent Practice
VI. Closure


I. Focus and Review











II.  Statement of Objectives






III. Teacher Input














IV. Guided Practice









V. Independent / Small Group Practice







VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting

If you have presented a lesson from this
series already, reflect on it in the context on this lesson.


If you have not yet done a lesson on Peru or the Andes, introduce the rugged beauty of the Andes and the resilient ancestors of the Inca who live there today.



“Today we are going to practice reading and critical thinking skills by investigating the relatively new tourism option called
“Experiential Tourism.”



1. Teacher passes out “El turismo

vivencial en los Andes” flyer for Aloja
Perú. Although the agency is made
up, the concepts are not.
2. Have student pairs read or have
students read aloud.
3. Spot check for comprehension and fill
in any gaps.







1. Teacher passes out, “Casa
nuevamente certificada para
huespedes” (p. 2)
2. Look for cognates and help them
guess what the article is about.
3. Read in class as before, alternating
the method (i.e. if they read in class
have them read in pairs, etc.



1. Teacher passes out “Aloja Peru

2. Students read individually or in pairs.
3. Teacher or Student pairs make a
general assessment of who makes a
strong or a weak candidate.



1. Teacher passes out copies of
2. Students work in pairs to appraise
each candidate group.
3. Students write a paragraph in
Spanish defending their choices. This
could be assigned as homework.

Materials and Time









2 minutes






2 minutes



“Aloja Peru! Alojamiento rural
READING” pdf (p. 1)

Make a class copies of each
page on separate sheets of

Note: It may be a good idea to
put class copies in page
protectors to save for next time.

20 - 25 minutes



“Aloja Peru! Alojamiento rural
READING” pdf (p. 2)






20 - 25 minutes



“Aloja Peru CANDIDATOS” pdf
(Make a class copy)




20 - 25 minutes





(Make 1 copy for each student)



10 - 15 minutes

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