Land: ¡Vamos a recorrer Cusco, la capital del imperio Inca!


Essential Question: “What is there to see and do in and around Cusco, the Inca capital city?”


Lesson Objective: Based a Tourist Ticket, student teams will gather information through a scavenger hunt format. Once information has been captured about each group’s 5 stops, students return to the classroom to watch videos and take notes on their 5 places of interest.




Spanish 1, 2, 3

Grade: 8 - 12

Activity List

 I. Focus and Review
 II. Statement
 III. Teacher Input
 IV. Guided Practice
 V. Independent Practice
 VI. Closure


I. Focus and Review














II.  Statement of Objectives












III. Teacher Input








IV. Guided Practice

































V. Independent / Small Group Practice

























VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting

Show the video summarizing
the history of the Inca and their
capital of Cusco as a warm up.












“What do you notice about this
Tourist Ticket / Boleto turistico?”
NOTE: Tourists cannot show up
and pay to see many sites of
interest. The best deal is to
purchase a Boleto Turistico
which allows the tourist to see
many sites over a period of 10




“Today you will receive your
own ‘Boleto Turistico.’ Each
team be given 1 of 4 possible
tours of Cusco and surrounding
places of interest.”




The Scavenger Hunt:


1. Student teams look for
the 5 places to visit as
indicated on their
“Boleto Turístico.” One
student on the team
scans the QR codes and
saves them to review


2. Once teams have
scanned all of their
codes, the team returns
to the classroom to
review the material.

3. Student Tasks:
ALL discuss information
and decide on what
should go on their
ALL write the most
relevant information on
notes template on the
“Boleto Turístico.”

Teacher circulates and checks
off the ovals of the sections that
are complete in order to speed
up the grading process.




Begin follow up assignment in
“Your host family will want to
know details of your visit when
you meet for dinner tonight.
Prepare your observations
about 1 of the sites you ‘visited’
today by writing on a postcard
you bought them at your
favorite site.

Spanish 1: Write in English /
Use writing template

Spanish 2: Use questions
provided to create your own
message without the use of a

Spanish 3: Describe your
favorite place in Spanish and
include a comparison with a
historical place you have heard
of or visited yourself.




Allow students to begin their

follow up assignment and give

them a due date for completion.

Suggestion: Count it as a

homework assignment or take

home quiz.

Materials and Time

Tour Poster A

Tour Poster B

Tour Poster C

Tour Poster D - Total of 20, mounted on walls at school


Video: “The rise and fall of the Inca Empire - Gordon McEwan”



6 minutes




“Boleto turístico IMAGE and






5 minutes








2 minutes





Cell phone with QR code reader app
(1 per group)

“Boleto turístico A - D NOTES TEMPLATES” pdf

Note: Make 1⁄4 of the number of the total of students in your class. Each student only needs their particular Tour (not all 4).


















30 minutes






Postcard template(s)






















20 minutes









5 minutes

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