Land and Products: ¡Vamos en busqueda de tesoro!


Essential Question: “What products are found in which of the 3 geographic regions of Peru?”


Lesson Objective: To learn about the 3 geographic regions of Peru and some products found in each region.


Lesson Plan in PDF


Spanish II or III
Grade: 9 - 12

Activity List

 I. Focus and Review
 II. Statement
 III. Teacher Input
 IV. Guided Practice
 V. Independent Practice
 VI. Closure


I. Focus and Review













II.  Statement of Objectives











III. Teacher Input


























IV. Guided Practice


















V. Independent / Small Group Practice






VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting

“It seems that everyone in our
class is related through great
uncle Machu. Uncle Machu
traveled throughout Peru and
has left each of you a treasure
from one of his adventures. Here
is a video he left for you to see
before you start your adventure.”






“Today you will explore the 3
regions of Peru and learn about
some products found in each
“In teams of 6 you will fill in the
missing information on your
Treasure Map with the clues
found on your Treasure Card.”




Phase 1: Teacher divides
students into groups of 6.

Each student gets a different
Treasure Card and a Treasure

Students take turns reading the
clues and researching to fill in
their SIDE 1 of their Treasure

IMPORTANT: Students are NOT
to scan the barcodes on the
backs of their Treasure Cards
until told when to do so.

When a group has completed
their maps, the Teacher checks
it against the answer key. Once
a group has all answers correct,
answers are shared and
students prepare for Phase 2.




Phase 2: Students find other
classmates with the same
Treasure Card.

Once in their new groups,
students scan their card to watch
a video about the region from
where their treasure originated.

All students fill in their section of
notes on the back of their
Treasure Map.

Group prepares 3 minute
presentation of their region and
its relationship to their treasure.




Phase 3: Group Presentations
(3 minutes each). While groups
present, students write notes on
the back of their Treasure Map.




Students complete the notes on
the back of their Treasure Map.
Each student shares a favorite
fact learned this lesson.
Teacher collects materials.
Teacher grades activity by
tallying points earned on both
sides of students’ Treasure Map.

Materials and Time

Computer / 

SMART Board / Whiteboard

“Introducing Peru”

Video by Lonely Planet


3 minutes












2 minutes





Cell phones or computers

“Treasure Map of Peru

Images and written clues (save
QR codes for Phase 2)

Make a class set. Students return
them at the end of the activity.

“Treasure Map of Peru MAP and
NOTES” pdf - SIDE 1
Make a copy for each student

“Treasure Map of Peru MAP and





20 minutes





Cell phones or computers

“Treasure Map of Peru
QR Codes

“Treasure Map of Peru MAP and
NOTES” pdf - SIDE 2






20 minutes





SMART Board / Whiteboard


20 minutes










10 minutes

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