Introduction to the Land, the People and the Products of Peru


Essential Question: “What is Peru like and what is special about her people?”

Lesson Objective: Based on the SMART Board presentation on the geography of Peru and the
people who live there, students will create a foldable booklet.


Lesson Plan in PDF


Spanish 1, 2, 3 Grade:8 - 12


  1. Focus and Review
  2. Statement
  3. Teacher Input
  4. Guided Practice
  5. Independent Practice
  6. Closure


I. Focus and Review









II.  Statement of Objectives





III. Teacher Input








IV. Guided Practice







V. Independent / Small Group Practice





VI. Closure

Description of Activities and Setting

● Student Groups or
Individuals discuss Peru
via a KWL chart
● Student volunteer(s)
locate Peru and their
hometown or state using
a physical map or use
Google Maps.


Teacher either says the
statement aloud or
references where it is
written on the board.



● Teacher passes out a
copy of the foldable
for each student.
● Teacher tells students to
fill it out as information is


● Have student pairs or
small groups fill out the
names of each country
on the first page (map of
South America)


● Students fill in the booklet
as prompted by the



● Have students complete
their KWL sheets.
● Based on their feedback,
continue the study of
some aspect of Peruvian
culture discussed in class


Materials and Time

KWL Chart

World Map

Google Maps



(9 minutes)




(1 minute)




Foldable to make booklet
(Side Front and Side Back)

SMART Board presentation


5 minutes






10 minutes






30 minutes









5 minutes

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